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Daily Log & Incident Log For Cannabis Sales (

You supply the binder, we'll supply the rest. Download Daily Log and Incident Log for peace of mind.

Your Daily Log allows you to record events such as weather or community activities that affect your business. Your Incident Log provides you with an important record of significant events that may have an impact on liability. Keep this logbook in a convenient location, easily accessible to staff, and encourage your staff to keep regular records.

The log book pages are designed to jog your memory about important reminders and tasks around your business. For example, recording weather or community information in the daily diary lets you look back over previous years' records to determine trends that affect customer volumes and spending patterns. The daily log also includes a space to write down maintenance problems that need attention, and there's a space to summarize your daily sales.

Incident logs let you keep track of issues that you might need to refer back to later, such as situations when you have had to refuse service to a customer or respond to an accident or injury on the premises.

Download your FREE copy today.

Click here to download everything you need to keep your daily log and incident log*:

  1. Cover page: download and print a cover to insert in your own binder or use as a cover page. The download is a two-page PDF, with the cover information on the front and important usage information on the back.
  2. Daily Log: download the Daily Log, then print enough copies to get you through a month or six-month period. The download is a two-page PDF intended for double-sided printing. Each side of the page covers a different day, so printing 15 copies will get you through a 30-day month.
  3. Incident Log: download the Incident Log, then print copies to insert in the back of your binder. The download is a two-page PDF intended for double-sided printing. Each side of the page covers a different day. Print a few copies to have ready to fill out at all times. Print more as you need them.

*Binder not included. The Daily Log and Incident Log is not a substitute for CannaSell SK ( responsible service training. Everyone involved in cannabis sales in Saskatchewan is required to complete CannaSell SK training.

Add the Daily Log and Incident Log to your shopping cart. After completing the checkout (there is no charge), the Daily Log and Incident Log will appear as a learning path in your personal learning plan. If you don't already have an account, you will be prompted to create one. Otherwise, sign in to your existing account. You will be able to return to your learning plan to download and print additional copies at any time.

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