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Starting & Developing Your Event

Special events are a way of demonstrating the spirit of every community. Careful planning and adequate resources are essential to making your event successful. This section, and a series of corresponding online courses, is designed to assist individuals who plan and direct special events - whether you're a volunteer-based organization or a professional dedicated to special events planning.

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Starting and Developing Your Event Resources

The first step in hosting a successful event is thorough and careful planning. There are many elements to consider when planning events of any size or scope, including creating an event business plan and an event marketing plan.

In order to put on a successful event, organizers must have a target market, and must promote the event appropriately to attract the right number and type of attendees.

Fundraising means any kind of support you are bringing for your event and is not limited to monetary donations. Fundraising really means resource-raising, and it can happen in multiple ways and come from many sources. Fundraising is an essential part of building support for your event.

Logistics are the backbone of an event and can mean the difference between success and failure.

The success of an event depends on many different factors, but if you don’t have the right people in place, the road to success will be an uphill battle. Developing and implementing a successful event depends on having the right staff and volunteers behind the scenes.

Organizing and delivering an event in your community is no easy task. Careful planning and adequate resources are essential to your success. An effective budget and sound financial plan help you achieve your goals.

Risk management is an essential part of planning and holding an event. The safety of staff, volunteers and attendees must be at the forefront. Creating a successful event means ensuring that patrons, vendors, volunteers and event staff are protected from various hazards. This course helps event planners develop a risk management plan.

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