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Who we are

Workforce Development is the education and training department of Tourism Saskatchewan. Our human resources development initiatives and education and training programs help strengthen Saskatchewan’s tourism and hospitality sector.

Workforce Development

Workforce Development addresses human resource management, employee recruitment and retention, post-secondary and technical training, awareness of tourism as a viable career choice, and development of a professional and more representative tourism workforce.

Broad industry support

Working in partnership with a broad range of industry and stakeholder groups, the Workforce Development team has been developing and delivering award-winning training and education programs since 1990. Tourism Saskatchewan is a member of the Tourism HR Canada (THRC) partner network of provincial and territorial Human Resource Organizations (HROs) that play a vital role in supporting THRC's mandate to coordinate national initiatives in human resources development for tourism businesses. This network provides a forum for national awareness of broad industry trends and challenges. Having developed a depth of experience and expertise in effective education and training, our Workforce Development programs have been in demand by sectors beyond tourism and hospitality.

Extensive experience in building industry trust

The Workforce Development team has a long, rewarding track record of working with and on behalf of industry and other stakeholders to:

  • improve human resource management and training practices;
  • reduce employee turnover and increase employee retention;
  • assist industry in developing essential workplace skills;
  • increase the knowledge and skill levels of the workforce; encourage greater relevance of existing post-secondary education and technical training;
  • support a professional workforce by developing, promoting, co-ordinating, and evaluating industry managed standards, certification, career awareness and training; and
  • contribute to a more representative Saskatchewan workforce.

Training to exacting standards

Located in the Saskatoon office of Tourism Saskatchewan, Workforce Development staff experience includes extensive backgrounds in classroom and online course development, facilitation and training delivery, professional development, and industry and professional standards and certification. In addition, Workforce Development maintains a network of more than 100 contract, in-house and teacher facilitators with particular expertise in adult learning and workplace training. Many of our programs require not only expertise in training delivery, but also a depth of experience and knowledge of specific subject matter to ensure credibility and quality delivery of sensitive content.

Contact information

Tourism Saskatchewan Workforce Development
306-933-5900 or toll-free 800-331-1529