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Learn how Tourism Saskatchewan analyzes market data to substantiate and support the tourism industry.

Tourism Saskatchewan Market Profiles

Since 2016, Tourism Saskatchewan has worked with Environics Analytics to develop custom market segments that deepen understanding of the values and motivations of Saskatchewan’s visitors. The segmentation analytics incorporated data from multiple sources. These included people who inquired about travel in Saskatchewan, as well as those who visited the province. The custom market segments can be used by tourism industry operators and stakeholders to identify:

  • Demographic and behavioural characteristics of key visitor segments – this information helps you choose your best images and plan the ideal media mix.
  • Visitors’ social values – these details explain what drives them to visit Saskatchewan and helps with crafting relevant, influential messages.
  • Priority geographic markets – these show where potential visitors live, and enable refined, specifically targeted marketing efforts.

Canadian Leisure Traveller Profiles

Custom Market Profiles

If your business is already collecting visitor information and you are interested in taking the next step towards understanding and refining your target markets, Tourism Saskatchewan can assist in analyzing your visitor data using PRIZM. 

PRIZM is a segmentation system that categorizes each Canadian and US household into one of 67 consumer segments. Each segment has its own unique profile, which captures demographics, lifestyles, consumer behavior, and settlement patterns in Canada. The system defines consumers based on their neighbourhood (at the postal code or ZIP code level), allowing for more focused marketing efforts. It helps marketers understand their customers based on their behaviours, provides insights on how to appeal to them, and reveals how to reach them. Tourism Saskatchewan licenses the use of PRIZM through a partnership with Destination Canada and Environics Analytics.

See Canada through PRIZM

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To see a demonstration of PRIZM’s market insights, enter your postal code here: 

How can Saskatchewan tourism businesses access PRIZM?

Please contact Tourism Saskatchewan’s research branch at to express interest in PRIZM analysis. The research team will follow up to understand your business objectives and, based on capacity, recommend the most appropriate approach to fulfill the request. Some restrictions may apply.

Mobile Surveys for Events and Festivals

Tourism Saskatchewan works with event and festival organizers to deploy mobile surveys for the purposes of collecting on-site attendee information. Mobile surveys can be deployed anywhere in Saskatchewan, even in locations without internet coverage. Event volunteers are provided with an easy-to-follow online training video and supplied with tablets pre-loaded with a short visitor survey. 

Please contact if you are interested in deploying a mobile visitor survey at an upcoming event or festival. Tablets are limited so pre-booking several weeks in advance is strongly recommended. 


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