Pathway to Recovery Training Series
Pathway To Recovery Training Series

The Pathway to Recovery Training Series is part of Tourism Saskatchewan's plan to support the tourism industry through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. The training series offers employers programming designed to assist them through the recovery phase, with the aim of emerging from the crisis with a stronger and more resilient workforce.

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Pathway to Recovery Training Series

Funding is not available for this program at this time. Future program announcements will be made online and in Industry Update news.

The series consists of 14 comprehensive training programs designed to ensure that workers in tourism businesses are equipped with the skills needed to keep workplaces operational and adjust to pandemic safety protocols. Training is completed in interactive online environment, with support from Tourism Saskatchewan to assist participants in completing their training.

Each program includes the following curriculum:

  • Nationally recognized emerit Professional or Specialist Occupation instruction and workbook;
  • Nationally recognized emerit Knowledge Certificate;
  • Service Best (for front line workers) or Service Best for Leaders (for management), Tourism Saskatchewan's award-winning customer service training;
  • Make Safe anti-harassment online course;
  • Preventing Customer Conflict during COVID webinar;
  • Clean It Right awareness and education program for restoring consumer confidence post-COVID-19;
  • Workplace Trainer (management-level training);
  • National emerit written exam;
  • Eight to 14 hours of instructor-led learning;
  • Training provided by top industry experts and professional tourism trainers;
  • Record of Completion issued by the Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council, the education and training department of Tourism Saskatchewan.

Two streams of training are available for each program:

  • Training only: ideal for employees with limited or no previous experience, resulting in Record of Completion.
  • Training with emerit Professional or Specialist Certification: recommended for experienced employees. In addition to a Record of Completion, the employee is awarded National emerit Professional or Specialist Certification including Tourism Certified Professional (TCP) or Tourism Certified Manager (TCM) designation.

Training is available for these occupations:

Pathway to Recovery is Tourism Saskatchewan’s plan to support the tourism industry through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. During the plan’s three phases – Response, Recovery and Resilience – Tourism Saskatchewan is working closely with DMOs, CMOs, tourism operators and industry stakeholders.

Employers may be eligible to apply for reimbursement of training costs under the Re-Skill Saskatchewan Training Subsidy.

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