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Tourism Business Development And Financing Guide

This guide will assist you as you plan, assess, obtain financing, receive approvals for, and develop a successful tourism project in Saskatchewan.

Increasing visitor expenditures and generating profitable operating results are critical priorities for tourism businesses. This guide provides a general overview of the steps and considerations necessary to evaluate and prepare for the operation of a tourism business venture. Use this guide as a valuable reference to help you move from concept to action in realizing your tourism dream.

Some topics covered in the guide are common to all commercial ventures. Others are unique to the nature and requirements of the tourism industry. Regardless of your operation's scope, methodical planning and thorough documentation and research are essential to success.

Tourism is one of Saskatchewan's fastest growing sectors, and is a significant contributor to the provincial economy. The tourism sector in Saskatchewan encompasses a variety of industries, including accommodation, food and beverage, recreation and entertainment, transportation and travel services.

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