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Housekeeping Room Attendant, Pathway To Recovery Training Series

Well trained Housekeeping Room Attendants mean safe, happy guests.

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Pathway to Recovery Training Series

Housekeeping Room Attendant Training

Housekeeping Room Attendant training ensures you pay attention to the little details while performing your general duties efficiently and thoroughly. Training includes all the fundamentals of good housekeeping, as well as resources and tips to become an exceptional Housekeeping Room Attendant and consistently create memorable experiences for guests.

This training is led by an experienced and certified STEC instructor who will guide participants through the curriculum.

Two training streams available:

  1. Housekeeping Room Attendant Training only, ideal for employees with limited or no previous experience; and
  2. Housekeeping Room Attendant Training with emerit Professional Certification, recommended for experienced employees.


  1. Housekeeping Room Attendant Training only: none
  2. Housekeeping Room Attendant Training with emerit Professional Certification: 750 hours experience in the occupation, obtained in the past three years.


emerit National Housekeeping Room Attendant Modules (6 hours)


Lesson 1 - Respond to Guests: Observe house policies when responding to guest inquiries; Provide accurate information about the property and surrounding community; Demonstrate guest room features; Effectively handle complaints; Promptly lend and retrieve property equipment; Provide turn down service; Provide alternatives for guests with allergies or environmental sensitivities; Assist with room transfer


Lesson 1 - Work Safety: Safety procedures; Observe WHIMIS guidelines

Lesson 2 - Observe Emergency Procedures: Observe fire safety procedures; Observe procedures for other types of emergencies


Lesson 1 - Provide Security for Guests: Protect guest privacy; Follow security procedures; Provide security in guest rooms; Manage keys; Check for discrepancies

Lesson 2 - Handle items Left by Guests: Handle items left by guests


Lesson 1 - Organize Shifts: Begin shift; pLan shift; Manage cart; Maintain linen rooms; End shift

Lesson 2 - Perform Core Cleaning Tasks: Use cleaning products, tools and equipment; Clean different surfaces; Handle garbage and recyclables; Monitor for pets

Lesson 3 - Clean Guest Rooms: Enter guest rooms; Clean check-out guest rooms; Clean stay-over rooms; Check vacant guest rooms; Make beds; Clean bathrooms; Clean special areas of guest rooms; Follow guidelines for accepting tips

Lesson 4 - Clean Property Facilities: Clean public spaces; Clean special guest facilities; Clean employee areas

Lesson 5 - Carry Out Rotation Cleaning Duties: Carry out rotation cleaning duties

Lesson 6 - Carry Out Laundry Activities: Carry out laundry activities

Knowledge Certificate

Service Best (1 hour)

Service Best provides practical and effective tools that help you adopt a pro-active, solution-focused approach to customer service.

Controlling for COVID with Confidence: Thinking Beyond Masks and Hand Sanitizer to Develop Effective Safety Precautions (1 hour)

Health and safety risk assessment; transmission risks for COVID-19; meaningful, effective controls for COVID-19 transmission risk; limitations of less effective controls like PPE, procedures/rules; Risk Assessment worksheet.

emerit Housekeeping Room Attendant national written exam (1 hour)

Proctored certification exam consisting of 125 multiple choice questions based on the National Occupational Standards.

Housekeeping Room Attendant Training: $620.00

Upon successful completion of curriculum, trainee receives a certificate of completion and a record of exam score. The trainee is eligible to qualify for emerit Professional Certification upon subsequent completion of experience verification.

Housekeeping Room Attendant Training with emerit Professional Certification: $730.00

Upon successful completion of curriculum and experience verification as described below, trainee is awarded emerit Professional Certification as Housekeeping Room Attendant and is entitled to use the Tourism Certified Manager (TCM) designation.

Includes National Occupational Standards and Certification Prep Pack, written exam, and experience verification. The required experience for this program consists of 750 hours, which must have been obtained in the three years prior to requesting the verification. This certification is related to the Housekeeping Room Attendant training products Version 4.0 series.

For more information contact:

  • Lendee Wiebe, Resource and Exam Centre Coordinator, Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council
  • Call toll-free 1-800-331-1529

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