Staff Directory

Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications is responsible for campaigns and strategies that promote Saskatchewan tourism experiences and generate visitation to and within the province.

Marketing and Communications Division

The team works closely with industry, providing operators with opportunities to market their products. The division also manages industry and corporate communications, participates in research to determine high-impact target markets and delivers professional travel counselling through the Regina headquarters.

Amy McInnis Vice-President, Marketing and Communications 306-787-2313
Brooke Lochbaum Executive Director, Marketing 306-787-2199
Vanessa Rodriguez-McVety Executive Assistant 306-787-2860
Victoria Martin Marketing Assistant 306-787-2187

Departments within the Marketing and Communications division include:


Communications creates consumer-facing content, conducts media relations and oversees industry and corporate communications. It works collaboratively with all divisions of the organization to identify communication opportunities while providing advisory expertise, leadership and positive support to projects. The department is responsible for provincial travel literature, corporate publications such as the annual report and business plans, speech writing and Executive Office communications, event co-ordination support and issues management. Industry communications are conducted through content development and maintenance of the industry website, email updates and a quarterly newsletter.

Elizabeth Braitenbach Director, Communications and Visitor Services 306-787-5530
Aidan Morgan Communications and Marketing Specialist 306-787-1913
Julio Salazar Graphic Designer 306-787-9766
Susan Parkin Communications and Marketing Specialist 306-787-2927
Regan Mathiason* Communications and Marketing Specialist 306-933-5909
*Saskatoon office


Events, Partnership Programs and Field Operations

The Events department manages Tourism Saskatchewan's event sponsorship program and leads the ongoing development and implementation of Saskatchewan's event hosting strategy as well as the marketing and events program. The department is responsible for co-ordinating a variety of marketing activities. The team provides regular frontline communication to industry stakeholders.

Nathan Morrison Director, Events and Partnership Programs 306-787-5525
Spencer Roberton Funding Program Specialist 306-787-2302
Kevin Sawicki Field Representative (North Office) 306-519-1513



Marketing is responsible for managing Saskatchewan's brand, as well as Tourism Saskatchewan's marketing strategies, online media library and the creation and collection of written and visual content assets that showcase tourism products and experiences. Staff work with industry to determine marketing opportunities and strategies for operators, and represent the province and sector at marketplace events. The department is also responsible for research, strategy, execution, monitoring and measurement of Tourism Saskatchewan's online marketing activities; desktop and mobile website design and maintenance; social media engagement; content creation; and online campaigns and social advertising. The department's collaboration with North American and overseas travel trade and media results in beneficial relationships and the development of opportunities for Saskatchewan operators and their products.

Brooke Lochbaum Executive Director, Marketing 306-787-2199
Victoria Martin Marketing Assistant 306-787-2187
Travis Pool Digital Marketing Consultant 306-787-0981
Alexandra Exner Digital Marketing Consultant
Andrew Hiltz Saskatchewanderer 306-787-4638
Mitch Doll* Content Creation Specialist 306-933-5902
Matt Duguid Content Creation Specialist 306-787-9855
Heidi Wesling Travel Trade Market Consultant - Overseas 306-798-3168
Patti Peesker Travel Trade Market Consultant 306-787-2420
Daryl Demoskoff Travel Media Consultant 306-787-3712
Jenelle Jakobsen Content Coordination Specialist 306-787-0383
Jodi Holliday Travel Influencer Specialist 306-787-0988
Kelly Harle Administrative Assistant and Image Library Coordinator 306-787-3018
*Saskatoon office


Visitor Services

The Visitor Services department provides information on Saskatchewan's tourism experiences through in-person counselling and via telephone, online, social media and mail. Its goal is to encourage visitation to and within the province, increase length of stay and broaden knowledge of Saskatchewan tourism experiences. Services are provided through a call-centre at the Regina office. The department is also responsible for distribution of travel literature and merchandise sales.

Elizabeth Braitenbach Director, Communications and Visitor Services 306-787-5530
Brayden Materi Supervisor, Visitor Services 306-787-9974
Peggy Henderson Receptionist/Travel Counsellor 306-787-2388
Earl Kinzel Travel Counsellor 306-787-2321
Timara Klock Travel Counsellor 306-787-9978
Alison Singharath Travel Counsellor 306-787-2388

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