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Destination and Workforce Development

The Destination and Workforce Development division is responsible for tourism education and training to address the challenges of a competitive labour market.

Destination and Workforce Development Division

The division assists destination areas, communities and operators in developing and co-ordinating tourism assets to enrich the quality of experiences, as well as supporting tourism planning and development activities to grow tourism in Saskatchewan.

Tracy Breher Executive Director, Destination and Workforce Development 306-933-5905
 Mark England Director, Industry Development 306-933-5918

Departments within the Destination and Workforce Development division include:

Industry Development

The Industry Development department is responsible for the initiation and support of tourism planning and development activities that expand tourism in the province. This work is undertaken in collaboration with tourism businesses, attractions and all levels of government, with the objectives of increasing visitor expenditures and developing the province as a more competitive, marketable and investment-ready destination.

Mark England Director, Industry Development 306-933-5918
Denise Stroeder* Industry Development Consultant 306-787-2825
Pratyush Das Industry Development Specialist 306-933-7538
Darcy Acton Industry Development Consultant 306-933-7493
Corrina Kapeller Regional Tourism Development Consultant 306-812-8882
*Regina office.
All other Industry Development staff are located in the Saskatoon office


Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council (STEC)

The Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council is responsible for the co-ordination of human resources development initiatives and the provision of education and training to support Saskatchewan's tourism sector. Its mandate addresses human resource management, employee recruitment and retention, post-secondary and technical training, awareness of tourism as a viable career choice and the development of a professional and more representative tourism workforce.

Carol Ingell Manager, Operations 306-933-7172
Cindy Wright Project Coordinator 306-933-5928
Darrell Noakes Communications and Marketing Specialist 306-933-5916
Diane Wilson Administrative Assistant 306-933-5900;
Kari Burgess Workforce Development Consultant 306-933-5913
Lendee Wiebe Resource and Exam Centre Coordinator 306-933-5910
Lynne Kennedy Workforce Development Consultant 306-933-7187
Candy Fiddler Administrative Assistant 306-933-5908


All STEC staff are located at Saskatoon office.

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