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Achieving AWEsome

The Achieving AWEsome program is designed to support new experience providers in creating enticing Saskatchewan tourism experiences. This program leads participants through a complete development process from concept and design to promotion and delivery. Along the way, expert training and consultation is offered to ensure participants successfully develop saleable Saskatchewan experiences.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Brenden Branscombe, Industry Development Consultant
(306) 933-7493

Achieving AWEsome


The Achieving AWEsome program intake is currently CLOSED until July 4. Please check back at that date.

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Tourism Saskatchewan is committed to fostering the development of distinctly unique tourism experiences.

The Achieving AWEsome program combines training and consultation supports together as one complete experience development program. The cost of these supports is covered for successful applicants.

Individuals who are new to tourism, as well as business operators who have no previous experience in developing or delivering a tourism experience to the travelling public are eligible to apply. Applicants must be willing to invest time and resources to create an interactive, hands-on guest experience.


  • The application intake will be open from Tuesday, July 4 to Wednesday, August 9, 2023.
  • The program is application-based. All applications received will be adjudicated internally. Ten applicants will be selected to participate.


  • The program is designed to move participants along in a scheduled format. Steps One to Three will be completed within four months of the program starting date. After Step Three, timelines will vary depending on the experience in development, time of year or season the experience will be offered and readiness of the applicant to complete all steps.

Program Financial Investment

  • The cost of training supports is covered for successful applicants.
  • Approved participants are fully and solely responsible for any and all costs associated with developing and piloting (testing) the experience and must confirm they have the financial resources to do so.

Required Connectivity

  • Approved participants must have a computer and internet access adequate for attending online meetings and completing the training throughout the program duration.



Please note: Program information may be subject to change.

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