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Top Five Tips For Using Trip Advisor To Your Advantage

Online customer reviews are now a fact of life in the tourism and hospitality industry. Word-of-mouth and customer recommendations have always been one of the greatest sales drivers for tourism businesses. Now that those endorsements have moved online and are easily shared around the world, it is more important than ever to manage your business’ reputation. Here are some tips for monitoring and responding to comments posted about your business.

Wednesday, January 27 2021

  1. Complete and Update Your Profile
  2. Ensure that your profile is up-to-date with an official description, complete list of amenities, links to your website and recent high-quality photos.

  3. Encourage Guests to Post Reviews
  4. Many hotels, attractions and businesses place prominent links on their own websites to TripAdvisor reviews of their property. Research shows that consumers are going to seek out that information anyway. Why not provide a courtesy and make their journey easier? Also, encourage your guests to write about their experience. Ask them directly or remind them with posters, feedback cards, etc.

  5. Monitor Your Business Regularly
  6. Stay on top of online reviews and monitor TripAdvisor at least once a week – more often if the number of reviews warrants that attention.

  7. Respond to Reviews Appropriately
  8. Do not ignore negative reviews, but respond in a calm, professional and timely manner. Ask permission to contact the reviewer directly via a less public forum (such as email or telephone) to get more details about the complaint.

    Often, a simple explanation of the circumstances or clarification of a misunderstanding can resolve an issue. Acknowledging a complaint and, when necessary, providing some compensation is often enough to turn a bad customer experience into a positive one. Those inclined to post negative reviews are equally inclined to post about how happy they are that reparations have been made. They can become influential ambassadors for your business.

  9. Use Positive Reviews to Promote Your Business
  10. Consumers search vendor websites for details and information, but they look to sites like TripAdvisor to read about actual experiences. Delivering great service and positive guest experiences will result in an increase of favourable reviews and, in turn, promote your business for you.

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