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Top Five Tips For Photographing Your Business

As more and more travellers consult the internet to plan their next vacation, attractive photographs of your operation are increasingly important for creating a great first impression. Here are a few tips to get you started on producing beautiful images to promote your business and entice customers.

Wednesday, February 3 2021

  1. Make The Most of Your Gear
  2. High-end cameras may rule the roost, but consider the phone in your pocket. Most smartphones are capable of taking great photos, especially if loaded with dedicated photo apps that help you with everything from taking the shot to touching it up afterwards and sharing your results on social media.

  3. Pick The Right Subject
  4. Photos of signs and doors do not tell potential customers much about your business. Show consumers the most attractive aspects of your operation - beautiful landscapes, an impressive fleet of boats, trophy-sized fish, for example. If you take photos of your guests with the intent to use them on your website or elsewhere, get their permission first.

  5. Take A Moment
  6. Before you press the shutter on your camera, check what is in your viewfinder or screen. Is the horizon straight? Is the background free of distracting or unwanted objects? Is the light casting a harsh or unflattering shadows on people's faces? Move your subject or shift your point of view, if necessary.

  7. Involve Your Guests (And Get Social-Media Savvy!)
  8. A happy customer is the best advertisement. Encourage visitors to take photos of their stay and share their pictures on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Make up your own hashtag for easy sharing or extend your reach with the #ExploreSask or #ExploreCanada hashtags.

  9. Don't Forget Video
  10. Most cameras and smartphones today can record crisp, high-resolution video. Create video clips of your operation and upload them to YouTube. Make your own YouTube channel to keep customers engaged and intrigued. With video, you can create compelling stories that pique customer interest.

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