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Top Five Tips For Effective Online Advertising

As tourists increasingly use the Internet and mobile devices to plan their vacations, online advertising becomes an ever-more important way of reaching your market. Advertising on Google and on social media networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, present new avenues for getting your message out. However, the field can be daunting, whether you are just starting out or have a few online campaigns under your belt. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your online advertising budget.

Friday, February 12 2021

  1. Know Your Target Market and Your Objective
  2. Online marketing gives you the ability to reach current and new customers through keywords, specific interests, geographic location, age, gender and a variety of options. All online marketing platforms have very specific targeting so you can blanket a geographic area to create awareness or increase video views to a particular niche. To get the most bang for your buck, identify your audience and focus your advertisements on that market.

  3. Choose the Right Platform and Type of Advertisement
  4. Not all social media or online marketing platforms are created equal. Understanding your target market will help you determine where to invest your marketing dollars. What platform is your target market most likely to be using? Research each ad type and choose the platform or channel that will help you achieve objectives.

    • Google AdWords and Facebook have large user numbers. The cost of advertising on these platforms can be very affordable compared to traditional advertising.
    • Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest users have different interests and buying patterns. If your target market is on these channels, advertising can be very effective.

  5. Select High-Quality, Compelling Imagery
    • Use high-quality images that show off the best of your business. Ads with images achieve higher engagement and click-through rates.
    • Ensure images are suited to the size and format of the channel.
    • Make sure the image file has a high enough resolution for use across multiple screen sizes, from smartphone to tablet to large screen. A picture that looks sharp and clear on a smartphone can appear blurry on a computer monitor if the resolution is insufficient.

  6. Adjust Your Ads in Real Time
  7. Online advertising gives you real-time analytics. You can adjust your marketing campaigns to ensure that you are reaching your target market and that the campaign is achieving its objectives.

    • Try A/B testing. Create several ads with similar messaging, but different keywords or images. Use this as market research. Which ads are receiving the most clicks? What messages are getting the greatest reaction?
    • Change your tactics on ads that are not working. Reallocate your budget to the ads that are proving effective or tweak the ads that are not getting the reaction you desire.

  8. Be Consistent
    • Your message should be clear and consistent in both traditional and online advertising. Adjust your message where appropriate, but stay "on brand" across all of your channels/platforms. Use the same messages and imagery.

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