Top Five Tips For Creating Shareable Social Content

Social media is an increasingly important way of promoting your business, but it can be tough to use effectively. Try these tips to get the most out of your social media marketing.

Thursday, January 21 2021

  1. Include Links
    • If you do not have all of the pertinent information in your post, add a link. If you are worried about the link not fitting, shortening tools like will keep your posts clean and concise.
    • Links are also a great way to drive traffic to your website.

  2. Photos, Photos, Photos
    • Add relevant photos to your posts that set the scene. DO: use quality imagery. DO NOT: post blurry images.
    • Is the image that you are posting adding value for your followers and enticing them to seek more information or, better yet, visit? The answer should always be "Yes."

  3. Autoshare Carefully
    • Although syndication/autoshare apps such as Hootsuite are convenient, you should customize your message for each social media channel.
    • The character limits on each platform are different. When you share the same post to Facebook and Twitter, the copy may not fully transfer. Always check your message and make sure that it is complete and clear.

  4. Use Popular Hashtags
    • Consider popular hashtags that can extend the reach of your post.
    • Destination Canada and Tourism Saskatchewan work diligently to curate content through the hashtags #ExploreCanada and #ExploreSask. These hashtags have captured the attention of consumers, who regularly search for and use them to find and share content.

  5. Proofread!
    • Incorrect spelling and misuse of common appear unprofessional and can damage your credibility. Check your posts for accurate grammar and spelling. Before publishing, check them again. If you do notice a mistake, fix it ASAP!

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