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Top Five Tips For Brand Photography

What do the photographs on your website or in your promotional materials say about your business? Attractive, compelling images are important for creating a great first impression and triggering interest in your property. Assess your current photographs in relation to the three brand pillars: Land and Sky; Time and Space; and Community. You may already have some great images that reflect these themes. If your images are outdated, here are some tips for capturing new photography that will grab attention.

Friday, February 19 2021

  1. Put People in the Picture
  2. Every story needs a character. Capture images of awe moments, people having fun, making connections and enjoying the colourful sights, lively sounds and delicious tastes of Saskatchewan experiences, events and communities. Photographs of landscapes, sunsets and outdoor settings, no matter how spectacular, resonate more powerfully when people are in the picture and emotional connections are conveyed. Potential travellers who see these photographs can envision themselves in the setting and may be persuaded to plan a Saskatchewan vacation.

  3. Show Off the Scenery
  4. Saskatchewan people may be characteristically humble, but we have every reason to boast about the beauty of our four seasons, the magnificent scenery and the geographic wonders of this province. Show off your best photos of special places, impressive settings and scenes that will spark curiosity and invite potential visitors to seek more information. Land and sky are undeniably features that command attention. There are limitless possibilities for photographs that will challenge misconceptions about our province and inspire travellers to carve out their own Saskatchewan adventures and discoveries.

  5. Let the Photographs Speak
  6. Pictures have a way of telling a story that cannot be conveyed through copy or headlines. Saskatchewan’s wide-open spaces, its laid-back atmosphere and unhurried pace are qualities that travellers appreciate in a destination. Setting up photographs to showcase these attributes will add to the quality of your marketing materials and can result in some powerful statements about your property and the experiences offered.

  7. Capture Video
  8. Most cameras today can record crisp, high-resolution video. As with still photography, your clips should tell a story or relay an emotional connection. Aim for high quality and feature impressive scenery, people enjoying their experiences and moments that capture the authenticity and welcoming spirit of this place. Upload your videos to YouTube and give potential customers more reasons to book and experience your product or destination firsthand.

  9. Refresh Your Image
  10. Consistency in the look and feel of your marketing messages is important; however, there is value in ensuring that your materials are vibrant and engaging. Consider refreshing images on a regular basis to accurately depict your business. Are you a four-season operation or destination? Do your photographs accurately reflect the products and experiences offered? Have you recently renovated, expanded or upgraded your property or equipment? Show consumers what they can expect and ensure that you deliver on the promise.

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