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Tourism Saskatchewan is committed to developing an environment and infrastructure that will encourage profitable investment in viable tourism businesses in Saskatchewan.

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The Tourism Business Development & Financing Guide has been prepared to assist individuals and groups in carefully planning and implementing tourism development projects.

Part Two of the guide deals with sources of financing. Some of the lenders and agencies listed are not always in a position to fund tourism projects, but should not be overlooked in the process of securing the best possible financial services for your business venture.

Tourism is an industry characterized by individual creativity and innovative solutions to a wide range of challenges. Finding the right combination of equity and debt is critical. The information provided in Part One of the guide, combined with the financial pathfinding provided in Part Two, will assist in meeting this challenge.

Once you have prepared detailed concept and business plans, including projected financial statements and a complete market analysis, you will be well-equipped to solicit funding for your proposed development.

Never underestimate the importance of a neat, organized package. For larger projects, your proposal may benefit from schematic diagrams of buildings and facilities, models and/or artist renderings. Be prepared to provide business and credit-related references, the type of security to be offered for loans, a repayment plan, background information on the development area, and information on you, the developer, and key people involved in the project.

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