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Tourism Business Development And Financing Guide

Tourism Business Development and Financing Guide


Course Description

Increasing visitor expenditures and generating profitable operating results are critical priorities for tourism businesses. This guide provides a general overview of the steps and considerations necessary to evaluate and prepare for the operation of a tourism business venture.

This guide will assist you as you plan, assess, obtain financing, receive approvals for, and develop a successful tourism project in Saskatchewan.

Major sections will assist in understanding the regulatory environment in which tourism businesses and attractions operate, and in determining:

  • What aspects of a proposed development should be defined early in the process and modified as more information is obtained
  • Which steps you may have to follow as the proposed project passes through the development process

The guide includes key resources for each step in the development process and a comprehensive list of government departments, agencies and funding contacts.

What you will learn

The Tourism Business Development and Financing Guide is presented in nine modules:

  • Module 1 - Defining the Project: Markets, Resources and Development
  • Module 2 - Economic Feasibility
  • Module 3 - Development Approvals
  • Module 4 - Steps in the Development Process
  • Module 5 - Municipal Planning Consideration
  • Module 6 - Subdivision Approval and Servicing Agreements
  • Module 7 - Environmental and Resource Considerations
  • Module 8 - Public Health, Servicing, Liquor Licensing, Fire Protection and Access
  • Module 9 - Special Cases: Crown Land, National and Provincial Parks

Important information

This guide should take approximately two hours to complete. Work through the modules at your own pace and complete the activities.

Some topics covered in the guide are common to all commercial ventures. Others are unique to the nature and requirements of the tourism industry. Regardless of your operation's scope, methodical planning and thorough documentation and research are essential to success in the development process.

No single source can answer all of the questions or cover all of the issues that developers of tourism projects may encounter. However, this guide attempts to provide a clear framework for what is involved in developing a successful tourism operation.

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