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Serve It Right Saskatchewan (SIRS)

Serve It Right Saskatchewan (SIRS)

Serve It Right Saskatchewan (SIRS) is the official provincial responsible service of alcohol program. It provides consistent training for the sale and service of alcohol, helping commercial permitees and their employees to ensure that alcohol-related activities are conducted with integrity and in a socially responsible manner.

Serve It Right Saskatchewan


Course Description

This course is mandatory for everyone involved in the sale and service of alcohol.

The Government of Saskatchewan requires server intervention training for employees involved in the sale and service of alcohol. Serve It Right Saskatchewan is the official server intervention training program for Saskatchewan.

Everyone involved in the sale and service of alcohol must complete SIRS. This includes:

  • employees, including
  • bartenders
  • servers
  • bussers
  • door staff ("bouncers")
  • supervisors
  • managers
  • owners

What you will learn

The SIRS course includes:

  • Ways to identify intoxication
  • Handling situations involving minors
  • Effective approaches to discontinue or refuse to sell or serve alcohol
  • Understanding your legal responsibilities and liabilities

Important Information

Once you purchase the course, you will have 45 days to complete it online. You should be able to complete the course in six hours or less. There is a 35-question multiple choice online exam at the end of the course. To pass the exam, a mark of 80% must be achieved. You will have five attempts to complete the exam.

Upon successful completion of the course, your certificate is available for you to download from your online profile. Please save or print your certificate so that you can show it to your employer or a liquor inspector as proof of completion.

Unpaid volunteers working at an event operating under a Special Occasion Permit do not need to take SIRS. The Special Occasions Permit online course is for volunteers who serve and sell alcohol at public special occasions only. This course does not allow you to sell alcohol in a retail setting or to serve alcohol in bars and restaurants.

If you are selling or serving alcohol in a liquor permitted establishment, such as a commercial bar or restaurant, as part of your job, you must complete Serve It Right Saskatchewan (SIRS).

Transferring a course from another province (Reciprocity)

If you completed a server intervention training certificate from another province within the past five years, you may transfer your certification to Saskatchewan.

To transfer your certification, please do the following:

  1. If you do not already have a learning account with us, please take a moment to register a new account before you begin. We will need your Registration # so that we can provide your SIRS certificate.
  2. Send us a copy or photograph of the certificate you received from another province. If you photograph your printed certificate, please make sure details such as your name, the province where the certificate was issued and the date are clearly visible. Email the copy or photograph to us at Please copy your learning account Registration # and include it in your email. You will find your Registration # under "Account" in the menu on the left side of your screen when you sign in.

When we receive your email, we will assign your SIRS certificate using the Registration # you provided above. You will receive an email notification when your SIRS certificate is available. Look for "SIRS Reciprocity" in your Learning Plan. You can sign in to view or download a copy of your SIRS certificate whenever you need to.

Your server intervention certificate is valid for five years from the date you last completed your training. This means that the expiry date on your SIRS certificate will be five years after the date shown on the out-of-province certificate that you provided.

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