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Top Five Tips For Working With Travel Media

Good coverage in the media boosts the profile of your business, community, region or event. Tourism Saskatchewan’s Travel Media Team works with a variety of media to generate positive stories about Saskatchewan. Here are some tips to help you attract interest and work with travel media.

Friday, January 8 2021

  1. Pitch a Unique Story
  2. What is special about your business or area? Are there fascinating local characters? Is there something mysterious or out of the ordinary? Do you offer experiences or products that are unique? Give the media a hook – something that will grab their attention. Share your story ideas with the Travel Media team. We are always looking for good stories to promote to travel writers and media outlets.

  3. Provide Background Information About Your Product or Destination
  4. Consider your own brochures, materials and media releases, as well as any awards, accolades or third-part endorsements – these speak to the quality of your business or the experiences that you offer. Have them available electronically, as most media travel light and paper-free. High quality images are also useful for those media without photography equipment.
    Check out Tourism Saskatchewan’s Media Hub at We may even have appropriate images to help you.

  5. Promote More Than Yourself
  6. Chances are the focus of the story will not be solely on you. Talk to your neighbours – local businesses, tourism operators and nearby attractions. Discuss working together to promote the community or region and get the best out of a media visit.

  7. Treat Media Guests to a Great Experience
  8. Think of travel writers as explorers and adventurers.They are not merely observers, but prefer to immerse themselves in the culture and get their hands dirty, if necessary. Lively hands-on adventures or meaningful, one-of-a-kind experiences make for great stories. Entice media with your unique selling points and deliver on the promise. Treat them to warm Saskatchewan hospitality and memorable experiences that they will be eager to share.

  9. Build a Media Visit in Your Marketing Budget
  10. Participating in media familiarization tours (FAMs) can be effective in generating publicity for your business or product/experience offerings. Tourism Saskatchewan works with a number of operators who accommodate media by offering FAMs free of charge or at a discounted price. The resulting stories are circulated nationally and internationally and bring great profile to the host operators and to the province. The more partners involved, the more media we can bring to Saskatchewan.

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