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Top Five Tips For Leveraging Saskatchewan's Tourism Brand

Tourism Saskatchewan launched a new brand for marketing Saskatchewan’s tourism experiences in April 2015. The brand reflects the qualities that position Saskatchewan as unique and memorable, and make it distinct from other destinations.

  • Brand Position: This beautiful and vast land draws us together
  • Brand Proposition: Time slows – and as you relax, you connect with the people around you
  • Brand Pillars: Land and Sky; Time and Space; Community

Tourism businesses can incorporate elements of the brand into their own marketing activities. Here are some tips for leveraging the brand while putting your own, unique stamp on materials and messages that promote your operation.

Monday, February 8 2021

  1. Develop Messaging that Reflects the Brand Pillars
    • Land and Sky – Build on the elements of wide-openness, geographic wonders and the closeness that people feel under magnificent skies, both night and day;
    • Time and Space – Emphasize the laid-back nature and relaxing pace that afford time to connect with the people around you;
    • Community – Visitors to Saskatchewan are made to feel welcome and included in events or activities. They become part of the community, part of the family.

  2. Use Photography that Reflects the Brand
  3. Great images have the power to communicate an intriguing message and command attention. Highlight the feeling of inclusiveness – the “we” and “us” – and stress that Saskatchewan provides the time and space to connect with what is important – family, community, meaningful relationships and “in the moment” experiences. Feature impressive images of the land and sky. Photography that is authentic, that illustrates the story of people and experiences, is one of your most influential and effective tools.

  4. Highlight Saskatchewan Stories
  5. Storytelling appeals to the emotions and is a powerful marketing tool. The character and essence of this province are shared through stories of its history and its people. Saskatchewan roots run deep and the province leaves an indelible impression on those who call the province home and on those who visit.

    Combining impressive imagery and compelling stories creates formidable marketing materials that illustrate the vast and beautiful spaces unique to Saskatchewan. The options are limitless – from capturing the essence of complete calm and solace in the outdoors to pristine lakes teeming with world record-size fish to roaring rivers and challenging geography where adventures await.

  6. Use a Confident, Welcoming Tone and Showcase the Unexpected
  7. Impress travellers with scenes of majestic landscapes, thrilling adventures and events they cannot afford to miss. Stress the unhurried pace that allows for true relaxation and escape, and suggest options – quiet getaways, rural hospitality, urban staycations, etc.

  8. Emphasize Friendly, Down-to-Earth People and Welcoming Communities
  9. Saskatchewan hospitality is second-to-none. Stress the warm, neighbourly character of Saskatchewan residents, along with the special places where people connect and the celebrations that bring them together. Consider community events, music and cultural festivals, farmers’ markets, culinary events, etc. 

    Like these tips? Download a PDF version.

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