two snowmobilers on a snowy trail with birch forest in the background.

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Two children on snowmobiles smiling at the camera.




Many people think of Saskatchewan as nothing but flat prairie, but snowmobilers in this province know the province is full of sledding opportunities that offer everything from gentle hills and bush trails to riding through lush boreal forests and across sweeping northern lakes.


Snowmobiling Personas

Snowmobilers are looking for adventure, ranging from light to extreme experiences. They are nature explorers, looking to spend time outdoors in the winter, enjoy freedom, and find hidden gems in remote areas. Snowmobilers are community-minded and see themselves as a tight-knit group ready to support each other. There are two distinct personas identified for Saskatchewan, each with unique motivations, traveller journeys and touchpoints – requiring different approaches when crafting communications and building infrastructure to meet their needs.


Persona #1: Extreme Evan

Persona #2: Leisurely Lewis


Market Summary

This market summary is intended to guide the establishment of snowmobile tourism in Saskatchewan by informing target audiences, marketing communications, and infrastructure development.


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