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night sky over grasslands national park



Saskatchewan has world-class darkness, good entry-level interpretive programming, and offers the possibility to see the northern lights all year round. While there are already a few established competitors in Canada, Saskatchewan can look at successful international models to become an alternative, offering higher accessibility and lower costs.

To grow astrotourism in Saskatchewan, key areas to address include: increasing awareness of Saskatchewan as a dark sky destination, community building, and targeted marketing to promote what makes the province unique for visitors.


Astrotourism Personas

Astrotourists are life-long learners who want to know more about the night sky and how to capture it, relishing the sense of peace, calm, and solitude. There are two distinct personas identified for Saskatchewan, each with unique motivations, traveller journey and touchpoints – requiring different approaches when crafting communications and building infrastructure to meet their needs.

Persona #1: Stargazer Sam

Persona #2: Tracker Tom


Market Summary

This market summary is intended to guide the establishment of astrotourism in Saskatchewan by informing target audiences, marketing communications, and infrastructure development.

Astrotourism Market Summary

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