Top Five Tips For Working With Travel Influencers

Positive, reputable third-party endorsements of your tourism business, attraction or event can generate widespread exposure and reach new markets that may be interested in your products. Just as consumers have infinite choices to consider when planning a vacation, tourism operators have options to work with travel personalities who value firsthand experiences, have a large fan base and can spread the word about a destination. Here are a few tips to help you develop a relationship that is a win-win.

Monday, January 11 2021

  1. Understand And Clarify Your Needs
  2. Is your interest in hosting travel media or working with a travel influencer? Both generate exposure, but function differently and have different outcomes. Travel writers and media representatives investigate and create stories for the purpose of publishing in related journals or broadcasting on travel networks. Influencers craft online blogs and stories from firsthand experiences, and their testimonies are supported by videos and photography. Generally, partnerships with influencers allow for material to be shared across the operator's channels. That means additional, quality content (stories, photographs and video) that you can access.

  3. Do Your Homework
  4. Researching the market might seem overwhelming. A Google search of popular Saskatchewan travel influencers and Instagrammers is a good starting point. Ask around, consider the activities of industry colleagues or a local destination marketing organization. Check out for ideas.

  5. Consider Brand Alignment
  6. When you have identified one or two influencers whose work appeals to you, take a closer look. Do the stories and imagery that they are displaying via their channels align with your business and brand? Would your product offerings appeal to their followers? A simple inquiry to the influencer may tell you more about their priorities and the interests of their fans. Also, ensure that the experiences and photo opportunities that you can provide are a fit.

  7. Assess Quality and Personality
  8. Working with an influencer who tells an authentic story on your behalf will pay dividends. Before you make a commitment, take a second or third look at how they share their accounts, and at the quality of the content. You are not just working with the influencer to use their followership and photography/storytelling skills. As soon as they post, they are also responding to comments on their content. Consider how they engage with their followers. Do their activities align with your values? Do they have a personality that you want representing your brand?

  9. Examine Numbers and Engagement
  10. Large numbers are great, but what do you know about an influencer's followers? Who are they? Where are they located? Are they the right demographic for your product? Another important consideration is how followers are engaging with the content that is being posted. Are they participating in the conversations? Do their comments indicate an interest in products or experiences similar to yours? Do the influencers receive a high number of likes?

Check out for travel observations by Tourism Saskatchewan professionals, as well as stories and photography contributed by a number of third-party travel influencers.

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