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Freshwater Fishing Guide Pathway To Recovery Training Series

Freshwater Fishing Guide training equips you with the knowledge to minimize environmental impact, plan trips and educate others on the basics of fishing.

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Pathway to Recovery Training Series

Freshwater Fishing Guide Training

Develop your leadership talents and use your passion for fishing to create unforgettable expeditions for your customers.

This training is led by an experienced and certified STEC instructor who will guide participants through the curriculum.

Two training streams available:

  1. Freshwater Fishing Guide Training only, ideal for employees with limited or no previous experience; and
  2. Freshwater Fishing Guide Training with emerit Professional Certification, recommended for experienced employees.


  1. Freshwater Fishing Guide Training only: none
  2. Freshwater Fishing Guide Training with emerit Professional Certification: 60 field days with fishing clients or 40 field days with fishing clients and 20 days of related outdoor guiding; current proof of Standard First Aid and Basic CPR at time of certification


emerit national Freshwater Fishing Guide Modules (6 hours)

This workbook ties together information from the National Occupational Standards to provide an interesting and valuable learning experience. The Freshwater Fishing Guide workbook helps learners to become skilled and is an excellent resource to prepare for the current Certification program. This resource is fully loaded with tools, tips and resources, including: busy and survival skills, operating a watercraft, how to prepare and conduct trips, necessary supplies and equipment, activities and how to anticipate or respond to different weather conditions. This valuable guide is one you will want to keep with you throughout your career. The workbook includes the following modules: Training; Professionalism; Safety & Survival Skills; Trip Preparation; Conduct Trip; Conclude Trip; Legal & Employment Contract Issues.


Required training, licences and certifications; Optional training, licences and certifications; Apply knowledge of species; Check your learning.


Show commitment to the freshwater angling industry; Display professional attributes; Maintain personal hygiene and appearance; Handle stress; Follow guidelines regarding the use of drugs and alcohol; Promote tourism; Use communication skills (listening skills, foreign-language speaking clients, employers, communications devices); Develop good client relations (build relationships, respond to individual needs, promote your business, be an ambassador for your region and country, guidelines for accepting gratuities, handle complaints, leadership, teamwork, time management); Check your learning.


Follow safety procedures (wildlife safety, normal weather and seasonal conditions, extreme weather and seasonal conditions, equipment safety, fuel safety, travel safety, aircraft safety, rope skills, safe angling); Use bush and survival skills (first aid and survival kits, emergency situations, respond to natural or accidental death, emergency shelter, signal for help, safe supply of drinking water and food); Check your learning.


Prepare for trips (pre-trip meetings with employer, meet-and-greet with clients, give instructions to clients, check clients' personal gear, gather supplies and equipment); Check your learning.


Operate and maintain equipment (equipment, watercraft); Help clients catch fish (angling techniques, catch and release, catch and keep); Provide shore lunches (set up, prepare, clean up); Practice minimum impact resource use (minimum impact resource use, conservation techniques); Respect other resource users (avoid conflict, respond to conflict); Maintain the well-being of clients; Take photographs and videos; Conduct end-of-day activities; Check your learning.


Perform post-trip duties (client departures, post-trip meetings with employer, camp turnover duties); Check your learning.


Follow regulations (applicable regulations, prevent violations); Confirm terms of employment; Check your learning.

Knowledge Certificate

Service Best (1 hour)

Service Best provides practical and effective tools that help you adopt a pro-active, solution-focused approach to customer service.

Controlling for COVID with Confidence: Thinking Beyond Masks and Hand Sanitizer to Develop Effective Safety Precautions (1 hour)

Health and safety risk assessment; transmission risks for COVID-19; meaningful, effective controls for COVID-19 transmission risk; limitations of less effective controls like PPE, procedures/rules; Risk Assessment worksheet.

emerit Freshwater Fishing Guide national written exam (1 hour)

Proctored certification exam consisting of 125 multiple choice questions based on the National Occupational Standards.

Freshwater Fishing Guide Training: $630.00

Upon successful completion of curriculum, trainee receives a certificate of completion and a record of exam score. The trainee is eligible to qualify for emerit Professional Certification upon subsequent completion of experience verification.

Freshwater Fishing Guide Training with emerit Professional Certification: $740.00

Upon successful completion of curriculum and experience verification as described below, trainee is awarded emerit Professional Certification as Event Coordinator and is entitled to use the Tourism Certified Professional (TCP) designation.

Includes National Occupational Standards and Certification Prep Pack, written exam, and work history verification. Exam consists of 125 multiple choice questions based on the National Occupational Standards. Candidates must have completed 60 field days with fishing clients or 40 field days with fishing clients and 20 days of related outdoor guiding. Candidates must also provide current proof of completed a Standard First Aid training program and a Basic CPR training program at the time of certification. Successful Freshwater Fishing Guide Professional Certification candidates will be awarded the Tourism Certified Professional (TCP) designation.

For more information contact:

  • Lendee Wiebe, Resource and Exam Centre Coordinator, Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council
  • Call toll-free 1-800-331-1529

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