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Food & Beverage Manager Pathway To Recovery Training Series

Developed by Canadian industry experts, Food and Beverage Manager training develops talent, inspires loyalty, and helps steer a business towards profitable sales.

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Pathway to Recovery Training Series

Food and Beverage Manager Training

For current managers, this training can fill in the gaps with skills you may be weak at or missing entirely. This course will help you develop excellent sales and customer service skills, proven human resource management skills, and good communication and leadership skills. This training covers: Leadership; Administration; Marketing; Operations; Human Resources Management; and Legislation.

This training is led by an experienced and certified STEC instructor who will guide participants through the curriculum.

Two training streams available:

  1. Food and Beverage Manager Training only, ideal for employees with previous experience in the industry but new to management level work; and
  2. Food and Beverage Manager Training with emerit Professional Certification, recommended for experienced managers.


  1. Food and Beverage Manager Training only: previous experience working in the food and beverage service industry is recommended.
  2. Food and Beverage Manager Training with emerit Professional Certification: Four years in the food service industry with two of those years being at a supervisory or managerial level.


emerit National Food and Beverage Manager Modules (6 hours) (Setof 4 workbooks 2.1)


Demonstrate leadership skills; Hold productive meetings; Exhibit professional conduct; Provide guest service


Using planning skills; Managing risk; Managing equipment and facilities, Managing documents


Maintain appropriate staffing levels; Book and monitor large functions; Build a competitive, attractive and cost-effective menu for your food and beverage establishment; Maintain an adequate inventory base; Manage finances effectively


Enforce sanitation and storage guidelines; Ensure safety and security guidelines for our establishment and our staff


Hire staff; Train staff; Manage staff performance; Dismiss or lay off staff; Resolve employee complaints

Knowledge Certificate

Service Best for Leaders (1 hour)

Service Best for Leaders provides practical and tested high quality, service leadership techniques to help you become more competent and confident in using the competitive advantage of Service Best.

Controlling for COVID with Confidence: Thinking Beyond Masks and Hand Sanitizer to Develop Effective Safety Precautions (1 hour)

Health and safety risk assessment; transmission risks for COVID-19; meaningful, effective controls for COVID-19 transmission risk; limitations of less effective controls like PPE, procedures/rules; Risk Assessment worksheet.

Workplace Trainer (6 hours)

The Workplace Trainer course helps workplace trainers and supervisors understand the principles of adult learning, how to set and achieve training objectives, how to mentor and coach, and how to evaluate, reward and recognize performance.

emerit Food and Beverage Manager national written exam (1 hour)

Proctored certification exam consisting of 125 multiple choice questions based on the National Occupational Standards.

Food and Beverage Manager Training: $1,800.00

Upon successful completion of curriculum, trainee receives a certificate of completion and a record of exam score. The trainee is eligible to qualify for emerit Professional Certification upon subsequent completion of experience verification.

Food and Beverage Manager Training with emerit Professional Certification: $2,400.00

Upon successful completion of curriculum and experience verification as described below, trainee is awarded emerit Professional Certification as Food and Beverage Manager and is entitled to use the Tourism Certified Manager (TCM) designation.

Includes National Occupational Standards and Certification Prep Pack, written exam, performance evaluation. The required experience for this program consists of 4 years in the food service industry with 2 of those years being at a supervisory/managerial level. Successful Food and Beverage manager Certification candidates will be awarded the Tourism Certified Manager (TCM) designation.

For more information contact:

  • Lendee Wiebe, Resource and Exam Centre Coordinator, Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council
  • Call toll-free 1-800-331-1529

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