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Event Manager Pathway To Recovery Training Series

Event Managers trained with emerit see the "big picture" when it comes to planning and organizing an event.

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Pathway to Recovery Training Series

Event Manager Training

Training gives you the tools to execute flawless events. From negotiating with vendors to designing the perfect marketing plan, you run the show and your abilities increase event revenue, profile and recognition. Ensure your success - get Event Manager training to acquire the skill and confidence to excel in your career. Once you have the skills, apply for emerit Certification to gain the recognition.

This training is led by an experienced and certified STEC instructor who will guide participants through the curriculum.

Two training streams available:

  1. Event Manager Training only, ideal for employees with limited or no previous experience; and
  2. Event Manager Training with emerit Professional Certification, recommended for experienced employees.


  1. Event Manager Training only: none
  2. Event Manager Training with emerit Professional Certification: 1,500 qualified hours of work experience in the occupation within the past three years and currently emerit certified as an Event Coordinator; or 3,000 hours of events or events-related activities within the past five years.


emerit national Event Manager Workbook (6 hours)



Use Management Skills: Develop Business Plan; Develop Critical Path; Evaluate Event; Administer Reporting and Monitoring Process; Establish Event Policies and Procedures; Oversee Committees. Use Administrative Skills: Develop Budgets; Establish Financial Controls and Procedures. Manage Contracts: Source Suppliers; Negotiate Contracts. Develop Financial Resources for Event: Manage Event Sponsors/Partnerships Process; Manage Event Donor Process; Manage Program Funding Process.


Develop Event Planning and Management Strategy: Design Event Program; Plan Event Program; Select Site; Contract Entertainment, Activities, and Attraction; Develop Food and Beverage Operations Plan; Develop System of Accreditation; Develop Guidelines for Box Office and Ticket Operations.


Develop Marketing Plan and Marketing Strategies: Develop Marketing Plan; Determine Marketing Material Requirements; Develop Merchandising Plan; Develop Souvenir Program; Develop Public Relations and Publicity Strategies; Prepare Media Plan; Issue Media Releases; Prepare Media Package; Co-ordinate Media Conference; Arrange Media Blitz; Develop Hospitality Program, Develop Advertising Strategy; Submit Feature Articles for Publication.


Plan for Risk Management: Develop Event Risk Management Plan; Develop Contingency Plan; Comply with Legislation.


Implement Guidelines for Human Resource Management: Establish Human Resource Plan; Implement Policies and Procedures for Human Resource Plan.


Exhibit Professionalism: Be Professional; Demonstrate Leadership; Manage Multiple Priorities; Solve Problems. Use Communication Skills: Define Communication; Speak Effectively; Communicate in Writing; Make Effective Presentations.




Knowledge Certificate

Service Best for Leaders (1 hour)

Service Best for Leaders provides practical and tested high quality, service leadership techniques to help you become more competent and confident in using the competitive advantage of Service Best.

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Workplace Trainer (6 hours)

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emerit Event Manager national written exam (1 hour)

Proctored certification exam consisting of 100 multiple choice questions based on the National Occupational Standards.

Event Manager Training: $1,800.00

Upon successful completion of curriculum, trainee receives a certificate of completion and a record of exam score. The trainee is eligible to qualify for emerit Professional Certification upon subsequent completion of experience verification.

Event Manager Training with emerit Professional Certification: $2,400.00

Upon successful completion of curriculum and experience verification as described below, trainee is awarded emerit Professional Certification as Event Manager and is entitled to use the Tourism Certified Professional (TCP) designation.

Event Manager Professional Certification is based on Event Manager National Occupational Standards Version 2.0. This includes registration, Certification Prep Pack, National Occupational Standards written exam, and work experience verification. Required industry experience consists of a minimum of 1500 qualified hours within the past three years. Candidates must also be emerit certified as an Event Coordinator. Alternatively, candidates may provide evidence of 3000 hours of events or events-related activities within the past five years.

The performance evaluation consists of the submission of documentation for a current or recently managed event and an interview with a qualified evaluator. The interview questions and scoring are based on the National Occupational Standards for Event Manager (version 2.0). Successful Event Manager Certification candidates will be awarded the Tourism Certified Manager (TCP) designation.

For more information contact:

  • Lendee Wiebe, Resource and Exam Centre Coordinator, Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council
  • Call toll-free 1-800-331-1529

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